Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CandyCorn W/ Aero and Sace

AeroFennec contacted me asking if he were to come down if I'd show him around Dever. I told him yeah, no problem. Once I found out he was traveling all the way from Long Island, I felt bad about just bringing him to Dever and asked if he'd be interested in CandyCorn as well. He was, so we started off the day making the usual climb inside of one of my favorite hospitals. He seemed to have a blast and so did Sace and I. Previously, we'd never been able to find the morgue, but Aero was smart enough to think about looking at a set of blueprints. We located the morgue on the blueprints conveniently laying around and within two minutes were standing inside what we had previously thought to be nothing more than a refrigerator. Nothing more than a stretcher inside, and no autopsy room, but we found it none the less. After a few hours, we decided to head to Dever before the sun went down. At the days end, he invited Abandoned Dreams to head up his way and he would take us to his favorite local spot. We agreed and he headed off into the distance. AeroFennec is a wicked good dude and Abandoned Dreams will explore with him anytime we have the chance.